Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF

There will be no Troop Meeting on Monday October 31, instead we will be Trick-Or-Treating for UNICEF. Scouts are planning to meet in the parking lot at Divine Sheperd Lutheran Church at 6:00pm wearing their Class A uniform.

US Naval Academy – Merit Badge Weekend

Troop 331 has a rare opportunity to visit the US Naval Academy and earn some Merit Badges. Troop 331 is guaranteed a spot in this program if there are enough boys interested. The program was so popular in January 2005 that we thought would offer it again in January 2006. While you only earn one merit badge, they offer some pretty cool ones that you don’t see very often in the Mid America Council (Chemistry, Medicine, Oceanography, Engineering, Atomic Energy, etc.). There will be also some cool prizes that can be obtained in exchange for some of the rare badges, best air mattress for camping are the hardest to win. Scouts must be 14 years old to attend.

Basically the boys will have a three day weekend in Washington DC and Annapolis, Maryland for somewhere in the ball park of $350. It is scheduled for January 14-16, 2006. Watch for more information here and at Troop Meetings.